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We’re on a mission to give fishers a better alternative to traditional trawling.

The world doesn’t just deserve balance – it needs it – and soon. We help steady the scales between economical and ecological interests by marrying the rich history of fishing with modern, sustainable practices.

Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announces $3.3M Precision Fish Harvesting Project

One of five Ocean Supercluster projects announced Feb. 4, 2022

Ready for commercial sale in 2024

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It’s all pros, no cons. 

With our system, fishers improve their catches with less work and time; the ocean floor isn’t damaged and fewer greenhouse gasses are emitted; by-catch is reduced and fish stocks are given a chance to rebound; and the world enjoys a sustainable source of ocean protein.

Reduction in search time
Fuel efficient & environmentally-friendly fishing
Increased catch efficiency/
reduction in by-catch
Reduced equipment maintenance costs

Dynamically Controlled Net

Computer controlled winches will dynamically move the net up and down the water column.

  • This is important because fish do not stay in one location in the water column.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple gear types and assures harvesters can continue to fish no matter their location.

Depth sounders will communicate with the winches to ensure the net does not touch the seabed.

  • Removes the impact on fish habitats.

USV Scouting

Uncrewed Service Vessels will be used to scout for fish and will deliver hydroacoustic data to the fish harvesters.

  • Fish harvesters are able to better plan and adapt trips, getting
    to the targeted species faster and more efficiently.

Herding and Deterrence

Lights and bioacoustics will herd targeted species and deter unwanted species.


Marc d’Entremont

CEO & Founder

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Jim Hanlon

P.Eng. MBA FCAE – Director